If this is an emergency, call 911 right away!

Select Incident Type

There are three different incident types that can be entered using the Internet for online reporting. Please select one from the list below and continue. The incident must have occurred in the city limits of Beaver Dam. If the incident you are reporting has a known suspect, you should call us at 920-887-4612 to have an officer take the report.

Incident Type Definition Examples
Hit and Run Leaving the scene of an accident without providing required license, insurance or vehicle information. The damage is under $1,000.00 and there are no injuries. There is no suspect vehicle information. Damage caused by another vehicle in which the driver should have left information or left the scene without stopping to exchange information.
Theft Your property is taken without your permission. Property known to be stolen and missing may be reported. Lost property is not a theft.
Criminal Damage to Property The act of changing, modifying, or defacing public or private property. Graffiti, knocking over mail box, throwing a rock through window, etc.

Please select an incident type and click 'Next' to continue completing the report.